I hope you keep this up! Escape Into Meaning was such a good and thoughtful read, so I hope I can continue reading your work. I think part of why Escape Into Meaning felt so fresh after watching your videos for years was your ability to explore more introspective ideas than what I've seen on Nerdwriter. A blog seems like a natural continuation to that.

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Evan Puschak

Definitely feel you about abandoning ideas! It's a tough balance, working out what we're discarding out of quality control and what's just us being fearful or perfectionist. I think as long as we're humble there's still value exploring ideas out in public, as much as social media might condition us otherwise.

Look forward to hearing what's on your mind!

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Hey Evan. Something I forgot to ask your thoughts on at your book signing event is how you think about what format a certain type of media should take.

For example, I keep almost writing something just for the written word, but then feel like if I'm not also making a video version of it, it feels like lost potential. But also being a perfectionist such as yourself I end up stressed about whether it's a strong enough idea for a video, and generally don't move forward with anything at all. I suppose it is entirely possible to test it in a written format first and see if it feels strong enough to take to other mediums (video, audio), but I also worry about burdening the audience with a rehash of the same content, just in different formats.

Have you ever considered that the pieces you write here might turn into something on-screen? Or do you silo content to the medium you think best articulates the message?

Thanks man.

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