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Hi Evan,

I hope this is a good place to connect with you. Yesterday I went live with a kickstarter for Bombadil Finale (the successor to Finding Tom Bombadil, a 2019 detective documentary about a man on a quest to find his favourite fiction character in the real world) - and a friend of mine (@bobvanluijt) said: "Get in touch with Evan, I think he would love this project."



Would you have a moment for a chat or a phone call?

Bombadil Finale follows a fellowship of nine as they trek to the valley of Thórsmörk on Iceland to perform a rhyme, hoping to draw Tom Bombadil to our planet.

It would be wonderful if more people would know about this project and could support it, or share it with others.

Best wishes from Amsterdam,

Joost van de Loo

+31 6 507 339 04

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